AI imaging detects hair and foreign objects in food.

AI-based visual inspection Trackbott

Notifies with light and buzzer
when contaminants or missing items are detected!
①Monitors production line with a camera
②Notifies with light and buzzer when contaminants or missing items are detected
③Accumulates data on detected contaminants and missing items to further improve detection accuracy
System Diagram
AI-based visual inspection Example of foreign object detection
ex-01 ex-02 ex-03 ex-04
Other detection examples
Aluminum pieces, silicone pieces, tape pieces, chicken feathers, Band-Aids, vinyl pieces, brush hairs, plastic fibers, lint, paper scraps, pebbles, insects, wood fibers, wood chips,and more!
Recommended points!
Trackbott can learn things that change every day!
Traditional machine learning products…
Learning is possible if the shape and type are the same.
However, it can’t learn when the items are varying and versatile.
AI-based visual inspection system Trackbott!
Detection is possible regardless of the shape of the lunch box or type of side dish.
*A preparatory period is required before operation to learn the shapes of lunch containers.
AI-based visual inspection Trackbott What you can do with the power of Trackbott:
Avoid paying compensation and other losses due to claims of physical contamination.
Improve the quality of the production line by eliminating missing items and physical contamination.
Reduce expenses by operating at a lower cost than manual visual inspection.
The AI-based visual inspection system  can be trained.
The detection accuracy can be further improved by having the system memorize actual examples of contaminants and missing items.
*The system currently is being introduced to Saikontan Inc.
*The “AI-based visual inspection system” for visual detection of contaminants and missing items was jointly developed with a start-up company from Osaka University.